Cloohawk gives you a list of pre viral trending stories for the day based on the areas of interest of your audience.

The feature ‘trending stories for you’ will help you to have a look at all the trending stories in a glimpse, enter your comments and post directly from Cloohawk. 

Let’s see how we can view and post trending stories using Cloohawk.

Scroll down the tasks list. 

Find the task ‘Trending Stories for You’

Click on ‘Let’s Do it’ button. List of all trending stories will appear 

Trending stories are obtained from the best content sources. 

Click on ‘Skip’ if you do not wish to post a story

Click on ‘Post Best Time’ to post the trending story. 

Click on ‘Post Now’to post the story immediately

Click on ‘Post Best Time’ to schedule at the best time. Best time is derived based on the high engagement time of your audience. 

Customize your post by adding comments in the comments box. You need to enter the comments before posting. Comments is compulsory. 

Automate Scheduling and Posting of Trending Stories

Click on ‘automation on’ to automatically schedule and post trending stories

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