Cloohawk identifies the content that is of interest to your audience. Retweeting content that is of interest to your audience attracts more followers. 

Let’s see how we can view and retweet stories using Cloohawk.

Scroll down the tasks list.

Find the task ‘Retweet These Posts’ 

Click on ‘Let’s do it’ button. 

List of all the relevant tweets will appear


Click on ‘Skip’ if you do not wish to Retweet the post.The post will disappear from your list of activities.

Click on ‘ReTweet Best Time’ if you wish to retweet the post.

Click on ‘Retweet Now’ to retweet the story immediately.

Click on ‘Retweet Best Time’ to schedule the retweet at the best time. Best time is derived based on the profile and engagement of your audience. 

Add your comment if you want to quote retweet. This is optional.

Automate Retweets 

Click on ‘automation on’ button to automatically Retweet posts


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