Cloohawk offers a feature ‘Repost Your Old Posts’ that helps you to take your content reach to new heights. 

The list of all old posts that have potential to go viral is identified by Cloohawk. Reposting old content will generate a greater reach and will find additional clicks and new audience. 

Let’s see how we repost your old posts using Cloohawk.

Scroll down the tasks list.

Find the task ‘Repost Your Old Posts’ 

Click on ‘Let’s Do it’ . List of your evergreen content will appear

Click on ‘Skip’ if you do not wish to repost the story

Click on ‘Post Best Time’ to repost the story. 

Click on ‘Post Now’ to repost the story immediately 

Click on ‘Post Best Time’ to schedule reposting at the best time. Best time is derived based on the profile of your audience. 

 Edit the post by altering text in the text box. 

Automate Scheduling and Posting

Click on ‘automation on’ to automatically schedule and repost stories

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