Cloohawk gives you a list of posts that you can ‘like’. Clicking on ‘Like’ button gives your audience a hint that you are enjoying their posts. Your likes are visible to your audience who will know that you are interested and in turn will visit your profile and thereby you can gather audience attention. 

Let’s see how to ‘like’ posts using Cloohawk.

Scroll down the tasks list.

Find the task ‘Like these posts’ 

Click on ‘Lets do it’ button

You will get a list of posts that you can ‘like’ 

You can skip a post if you do not wish to like it. 

If you wish to like a post, you can click on ‘like now’ which will do it immediately. 

If you wish to like a post at the best time, then click on ‘like best time’. Best time is based on the active engagement of the audience. 

When you like posts of your audience it builds engagement. Your audience can see your likes and start to engage with you. 

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