Cloohawk offers a feature ‘Follow these people’ which identifies influencers and leads in your areas of interest and prompts you to follow them.

 Build relationships proactively with influencers and like minded community which in turn is a powerful way to generate leads. 

 These Influencers and leads follow you back increasing your reach many fold.

Let’s see how to Follow relevant people using Cloohawk.

Click on the ‘Tasks’ tab 

Scroll down the tasks list. Find the task ‘Follow these people’

Click on ‘Let’s Do it’ button 

A list of People who you can follow is suggested by Cloohawk 

Click on ‘Skip’ if you do not wish to follow the person 

Click on ‘Follow Best Time’ if want to follow a person

Click on ‘Follow Now’ to send a follow request immediately

Click on ‘Follow Best Time’ to follow at the best time. Best time is derived based on the engagement and the most active time of the person you want to follow.

Following right and relevant people is a great way to gain new followers. 

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