Cloohawk offers a task ‘Reply to these mentions’ which when used will increase your engagement. 

Cloohawk gives a list of posts to which you can choose to reply. The post can be a positive mention or a negative mention. Cloohawk classifies mentions to positive, negative and neutral and prioritise correctly so that you can reply to important ones first. 

Let’s see how to reply to your mentions using Cloohawk.

Click on the ‘Tasks’ tab. 

Scroll down the tasks list. Find the task ‘Reply to These Mentions’

 Click on ‘Let’s do it’ button to start the conversation.You will get a list of posts to which you can reply. 

You can skip on posts that you do not want to reply. 

You can write your response in the box given and hit on Reply button to respond to the posts. 

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