Cloohawk offers a unique feature which allows you to ‘Engage with your competitor’s customers’. 

It gives you a list of posts where the customers have posted negative comments regarding the products and services of your competitor. 

Capture the moment and engage with the unhappy customers of your competitors to convert them into leads. 

Let’s see how to find your competitor’s unhappy customers using Cloohawk.

Click on the ‘Tasks’ tab. 

Scroll down the tasks list. Find the task ‘Engage your Competitor’s Customers’

Click on ‘Let’s do it button’.
You will get a list of posts with which you can start conversations with your competitor’s unhappy customers.

Click on ‘Skip’ if you do not wish to follow your competitor’s customer.

If you wish to start following the unhappy customer of your competitor, then click on ‘Follow Now’.

You will have two options. You can either follow immediately by clicking on ‘Follow now’ button. 


You can also click on ‘Follow best time’ to start following the person at the post possible time based on the engagement of the person. 

Follow the unhappy customers of your competitors and convert them into leads.

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